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Dean Politis:

Instead of Soothing Stress With Food, He Exercised

At Compuware Corp. in Detroit, software developer Dean Politis, 39, struggled for years with severe obesity. He tipped the scales at nearly 400 pounds. Fortunately, his firm emphasizes physical fitness and healthy eating by providing a partially subsidized gym, nutrition and fitness classes. 

Dean Politis

Two years ago, Politis decided he wanted to live healthy. After joining "Weight Watchers at Work," he began exercising regularly while monitoring his food intake.

"I started losing 15 and sometimes 20 pounds a month," he recalls, "by writing down everything I ate and carefully following the WW point system for controlling calories and dietary fat. After a few months, I really started to enjoy shopping for new, smaller-sized clothes. I also taught myself a key tactic: I learned how to go for a walk — or over to the gym to exercise — whenever I was feeling stress on the job, instead of ordering a huge bacon-cheeseburger and super-size fries at the drive-through."

"I'm 200 pounds lighter today, and I'm enjoying a much healthier lifestyle. I don't want to become overconfident about keeping those extra pounds off, but I do think I've learned enough that I'll be able to make wiser food choices from here on."

Key Tip

"When you're dieting, accept the fact that you'll slip now and then. Don't give up because of a slip — stay with it, and you'll gradually see results."


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