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Peggy Dixon:

An Exercise Group Offered Valuable Support

 After two decades of obesity, Peggy Dixon had had enough. "I'd had my stomach stapled and I'd tried acupuncture, but nothing had worked," says Dixon, 56, of Anchorage, AK.

Peggy Dixon

"And then one morning in February of 2001, I woke up and just said to myself: 'You're gonna do something about your obesity!'"

Actually, Dixon did several things. First, she researched nutrition and exercise and came up with a realistic, moderate diet that would let her lose weight slowly. ("Crash diets don't work!") Next, she joined an exercise program, "Curves International," and started working out several times a week.

"I got lots of exercise at Curves," she says after dropping 124 pounds and going from a size 26 dress to a size 10. "But just as important, I got plenty of psychological support from the other women in the program. As the pounds melted off, I drew additional encouragement from my success."

 Key Tip

 "Never leave home without an apple or orange in your pocket. An apple can give you the quick burst of energy you need to get past feelings of hunger and weakness."

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