Lynn Brown:

She Finally Found "The Right Diet"

Soon after paralegal Lynn Brown of Salisbury, MD, had her second child in the mid-1990s, she started putting on weight. Within 18 months, she recalls, "I was 50 pounds heavier than I should have been, and I was miserable."

"I tried every diet and every exercise program you could imagine," says Brown, 50, "and all I ever lost was a few pounds." Then she found a nutrition program that called for avoiding glucose (dietary sugar) and amylose (a starchy substance in foods such as potatoes and rice).

"I stayed with the diet for two years, and it really worked for me — because I'm one of those people with insulin resistance who really balloons up after eating sugar or starch. The diet helped me lose nearly 50 pounds and keep it off. Of course, I had some very good motivation, because I want to live to see my two kids get married." She keeps her weight down "by thinking about every bite of food I put in my mouth, and by getting lots of exercise."

Key Tip

"Reward yourself periodically by enjoying a small amount of food you love. In my case, that's pepperoni pizza — but I only allow myself one slice per week!"